ficlet: The Other Things Santana Found But Didn’t Talk About, Because She’s Their Friend


Rachel Berry owns a sparkly pink dildo.  Huh.


Underneath Kurt Hummel’s bed, buried under three different shoe-boxes  there’s a scrapbook filled with song lyrics and magazine clippings and poetry, and she knows without being told that the scrapbook is about Blaine.  If her eyes get wet, she blames the drug-filled atmosphere of Bushwick.


In the tallest drawer in Rachel’s bedroom, where Santana’s pretty sure Rachel can’t even reach without the use of a step-ladder, Santana finds an engagement ring.  She’s pretty sure it’s the one Finn gave her.


Kurt owns like, five skirts.


Actually, that one’s pretty cute.  Santana might have to borrow that one…


The thing that actually makes Santana tear up a little is the little altar she finds tucked away in Rachel’s closet—it’s the New Directions, bright and happy and winning, from each of their performances, out of sight and out of mind, but not, perhaps, as far away as Rachel likes to pretend they are.


In Kurt’s closet, Santana finds two rings.  One is shaped like a bow-tie and made out of gum-wrappers and seems a little worn.

The other one is very, very real—an man’s engagement ring for a hobbit-sized finger—and very, very dusty, and looks like it hasn’t been touched since October.

She dusts it off for him.  The blonde Dr. Who is nice and everything, but she’s smart enough to know it won’t last until Spring, and, well, Blanderson deserves a non-dusty ring, okay?

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