Kink_meme tropes and fics

Under the cut because it talks about NSFW fanfic tropes, though there isn’t anything actually nsfw behind the cut.

(maybe unpopular opinion time?)

I feel like a lot of the time, really convoluted AU ideas get shoved to the kink_meme as an excuse for kinky porn because that’s all people are really interested in, when really, I could care less about the kinky porn (well, some days) I just want the really weird AUs!

Does that make any sense whatsoever? Let me try to explain better.

One kink_meme trope I really, really love is tentacle porn.  Not because I have a deep and abiding love for tentacles, or because I think double-penetration is hot (it is, but, not the point) or anything like that.  No, half the time I love tentacle porn because when fic writers set out to write a tentacle porn fic, they usually make one of the canon characters an alien or a plant or some sort of foreign creatures and then make them interact with the other half of the OTP.

And that’s the part I’m interested in.  Holy crap.  Give me all the alien!Kurt fics!  Why is Kurt an alien? How did he and Blaine meet? What’s different about alien!Kurt than human!Kurt? Tell me about this alternate universe, I’m curious!

And yet, would alien!Kurt exist without the request for tentacle porn? Probably not—this is a fandom about show choir, after all, not aliens.

Another kink I like is mpreg.  Not because adorable pregnant men is great or anything, but because—holy shit!  Tell me about this world where men can get pregnant!  Is Blaine the only boy in the world that can get pregnant?  If so, then why the hell isn’t he on Oprah or something, or spending time in a science lab with people poking and proding him to try and figure out why Blaine is pregnant and other males aren’t.  Or, if it’s a 1 in a million chance, then why isn’t all of Lima staring at Blaine and treating him like a freak of nature? Yeah, the whole belly-worshiping thing is super cute, but man, give me the fic where Blaine feels like the world’s biggest outcast because he’s literally the only pregnant boy in Lima’s history, because that’s a fic I want to read!

Or boypussy fics.  You mean to tell me that there are people who identify as male, are treated by society as males, have all other physical aspects of being a male—except for having a pussy instead of a penis, and no one has a problem with this???  Holy shit, tell me more about this world.  

And D/s fics!  Ones where literally everyone is either a Dom or a sub.  How does that work?  Like, is being a Dom or a sub more important than your gender?  Is there no sexism because it’s been replaced by Dom/sub—ism? Or ones where, if you are a sub and if you aren’t dominated you get sick—like, does rape even exist, then? If a sub gets so violently ill that they have to be dominated even when they might not want to be, like, can that even be classified as rape if it saves your life?  Tell me that story!

Or more werewolf or vampire fics that deal with the fact that…okay, Adam’s a vampire.  What now? Or werewolf!Kurt claims human!Blaine…but Blaine still cheats on him, because he doesn’t know werewolves mate for life, and there is *all of that angst* because Kurt is stuck with Blaine for forever, even though Blaine broke his heart.  

I want the drama that goes with these AUs—not just the smut (though, you know, you don’t have to cut that out if you don’t want to.)

tl;dr: I love fandom and I love the kink_meme, but sometimes I wish we spent less time using these tropes for kinks and more time mining them for their delicious AU-ey potential.  That is all.

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    I think it’s a lovely opinion. I find myself wanting more canon fics and fewer AU fics, but maybe I’ll reach that point...
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    Minus the tentacles, Andrea is me.
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    I agree with these thoughts! And I guess I’m lucky because when I end up reading fics that came from prompts like those...
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    Seriously. THIS so so so much. One of the things I was confused about for a long time and that I finally figured out...
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