klaine hiatus challenge • day 34: favorite klaine moment ever
That beats a lousy trophy, don’t you think?

I know I’m supposed to watch the next season of Doctor Who after season 2 of Torchwood BUT FUCK IT I’M SKIPPING AHEAD

Anonymous said: i just have to ask: what do you know about season three of torchwood

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but i’m super excited about it!

okay real talk when can I start reading fic?


You always have that one follower who attacks your notifications in the middle of the night and goes through your blog, reblogging everything in sight.

And you’re just like:

Owen and Tosh’s actors are great because they always look like THEY NEVER SLEEP EVER



and the episode description for the next one is “ONLY IANTO’S LOVE CAN SAVE JACK” like OMG TORCHWOOD stop being so delightful!!!!

Gwen and Jack have like, THE MOST SEXUAL TENSION EVER. Like good gravy you could cut the air between them with a knife! I wouldn’t want them to make out ever but they have these scenes when they are SO CLOSE and their faces are ALMOST TOUCHING and it’s just like lajkdklfjsalf KISS ALREADY.

(except Rhys!! And Ianto!!! So don’t kiss!! BUT KISS)



i’m a glee blog and i’ll always be at least partially a glee blog

#fuck anyone who thinks that’s something to be ashamed of


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ugh the book they gave me to teach from is TERRIBLE AND ALSO EXPENSIVE why can’t i choose my own book???

do you know NORMALLY during a Glee hiatus the beginning of August is when we’d start getting spoilers and episode descriptions and leaked photos of the cast filming?


Every Glee song ever 
Hey Jude

ficlet: stolen/time

There are exactly two temporal rifts in space/time on the planet Earth.

The first one is in Cardiff, Wales.

The second—and significantly smaller one—is in the town of Lima, Ohio.

The one in Lima doesn’t cause as much trouble. It seems affected by music, somehow—the people who are born in Lima are all extremely talented singers and musicians. Even the mechanics and busboys manage to carry a tune somehow. Some of them have even developed powers because of the rift, and all of them seem musically-based. There’s never much harm caused by these gifts—the ability to summon back up singers and dancer and church choirs, to cause band members to materialize out of thin air, to automatically know the words to any song—all very non-violent.

Bit of a boring place to be stuck for a supernatural expert, though.

Cooper loved it. He loved the drama, the heightened emotions, the singing—gods, the music in Lima was fantastic! When he had been younger, he had dreamed of being an actor, even, before—-well, before he became a part of the organization known in Britain as Torchwood.

The day Blaine Anderson falls through the rift in Lima is simultaneous both the best and the worst day of Cooper’s life.

You see, they find Blaine bruised and broken in a parking lot, injured so severely that had he remained in 1953, he would have died because of his injuries.

In 2010, however, he lives.

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Martha Jones, more like flawless babe who saved the galaxy