zac86henry: Today’s job: drag a high maintenance, over paid actress around in a $700 dress… ✔️ photo cred: @mike_serlin


zac86henry: Today’s job: drag a high maintenance, over paid actress around in a $700 dress… ✔️ photo cred: @mike_serlin


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Tell me quick— does Blaine wear any bowties in Tested?

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kink meme prompt — D/s attempts Klaine post 5.16

Nervous about their relationship, Kurt googles power dynamics between boyfriends, and comes across D/s porn.

He’s—a little freaked out, but interested, so he does some research, and finally approaches Blaine about it, hoping it will help him feel more balanced about their relationship and offers to sub for him, hoping that will fix things.

It goes poorly. Blaine’s kind of a terrible Dom, and Kurt’s horrible at following orders. They try it a couple of times but really, it just doesn’t get better.

Then one of them gets the idea to switch roles (Kurt as the Dom, Blaine as the sub) and wow what a difference it makes.

Sue Sylvester didn’t win. Maybe she took away glee club, but she will never take away what we had. We were a part of something incredible.

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Anonymous asked: Love your Blaine and food post. So, if I've never had a cronut, am I completely missing out? Like, I didn't even know such a thing existed before Glee, and I'm not entirely sure I even know what it is (although I feel like a have a better handle on it after Blaine's adorable description). I live in a smallish town, and we don't have much of a food selection here. Like, Chinese and Tex-Mex are the only two types of (sort of) non-American cuisine you can really get here.

I’ve never had one either! But I hear it’s a croissant-donut so it’s got to be good, right?

I mean I’ve had donuts and those are hella good on their own

things about my blainey days and food that made me smile

- he can eat perfectly with chopsticks (ASIAN) and can even throw food in the air and catch it in his mouth! Good job Blainey!

- He calls his stomach his tum-tum aww what a cutie

- he can cook!

- his idea of a balanced meal is pasta, cheesy potatoes, and chocolate cake god bless I need to marry this fictional man

- he eats gyros like bless him that’s one of my favorite foods

- he eats like three cronuts a day just gosh he is LUCKY if all he gains is 15 lbs!

- he gets popcorn at the movies all the time like can you imagine him with a big bucket of popcorn just what a cutie


- his little belly! like all of his weight just goes straight to his belly and makes me think mpreg and it’s just so cute like pfff MAH BABY.

I have this thing where I want Blaine to sing all of Quinn’s songs and I don’t know what that says about me




After much deliberation on this matter I am of the opinion that Kurt and Blaine need to break up. Blaine needs to make a life independent from Kurt. None of this mourning their relationship. None of this fighting to get him back. I need Blaine to date other people. I need Blaine to find his niche. I need Blaine to realize who he is, because since he was 16, he’s seen himself entirely in relation to Kurt one way or another, for better or worse. I need Blaine not to stop loving Kurt, but I need him to get over Kurt. Then I need Kurt to see this new Blaine. This confident Blaine. This independent Blaine. I need Kurt to realize that the boy who came into his world as a figurative teenage dream has become his dream man. I need Kurt to be in awe of Blaine. I need Kurt to chase Blaine and woo Blaine and become the man Blaine deserves. Because Blaine deserves a man who doesn’t just say he loves him, but who shows it. Really truly unabashedly shows it. Blaine deserves more than a friend who loves him but doesn’t realize that loving someone and being in love are not the same. And Kurt deserves to be in love. I am 100000% on team future!Klaine. But this current Klaine needs some growing up.

It all comes down to a final thought: this may not be the Klaine I want, but this is the Klaine I need right now.

"this might not be the Klaine I want, but this is the Klaine I need"

God damn that’s a perfect way of looking at it. I am 180% team forever Klaine, but they cannot be forever Klaine if they aren’t on the same page. They really need to take a step back and re-evaluate who they are and what they want. Blaine is never going to “find himseff” in New York or whatever crap they talked about if he’s still hanging on Kurt’s every word and following Kurt around like a puppy. Get out there, Blaine. You deserve someone to want you the way you want them! You deserve someone to love you the way you love them!

I’m not going back on anything I said to my lovely Anon last night. That being said, this entire post speaks to me on a deep, deep level. And I agree with pretty much all of it. And I haven’t seen the episode yet.

Give me the drama, give me the chase, dear god give me ‘unrequited’ feelings and angst, GIVE ME ALL OF IT. And THEN give me the happy ending to close out season six.

oh man oh man THIS THIS THIS.

I kind of want to talk about how Kurt hurts Blaine, physically, and then Blaine reacts (“Ow! Kurt!”), and then he hurts him again, to the point where the teacher intervenes and makes sure Blaine’s okay.

Like, I don’t think he hurt him intentionally, and I’m certainly not suggesting an abusive relationship, but that did give me pause (because he hits him. then he hits him again) , and I’m wondering about other people’s thoughts on it?

Rewatched the episode. Totally think that if Klaine’s dialogue in their makeup scene had been a tiny bit more honest it would have made such a huge difference.

Because yes, Blaine’s insecure about a lot of things right now, but you know what I bet is #1 with a bullet?

"Kurt, you got gaybashed and you survived, and you’re stronger now. I got gaybashed and had to run away from my school to deal with it instead of standing up and confronting my bullies, something I’ve always regretted.”

Like, I think that is what Blaine is saying, but I don’t know that that’s what Kurt is hearing.


okay but really: “next time you’re going through something like this you have to be honest with me” 

like???? kurt???? really?????? “i don’t want to talk about this”?? “sometimes i think we talk to much”???? 

like that had to be intentional, right? they had blaine try to talk to him TWICE and get brushed off each time. and then kurt says this. so there should be a point to that, right? i mean, kurt will get called out on that eventually?

because i’m having flashbacks to blaine trying at least three times to really talk to kurt about his fears of long distance and getting brushed off each time, and how they’ve never really talked about that either.

but i just want to believe that there is a point to this. that this particular failure in communcation will get addressed. 

I dreamed last night exactly how I wanted Glee season 6 to go and the Klaine and Samcedes of it all, but now I don’t remember all of it but I remember little details?

Like, 3 years later. Sam, Blaine, and Rachel move to LA at the end of season 5, while Artie, Kurt and Mercedes stay in NYC. Sam and Mercedes tried and failed to have a LDR. Kurt and Blaine broke up amicably. They all wanted to be friends but just fell out of touch a bit. Then Kurt dated Elliot for a little while, and Blaine dated a med student with pink highlights in his hair. Sam and Rachel dated for a hot minute that Blaine still has war flashbacks over. Artie and Mercedes also dated for about a minute but it didn’t work out.

So Kurt and Mercedes fly out to LA for something minor and trivial (the premiere of Rachel’s pilot idk?) but they basically realize they are still in love with their boys and they have ALL THE FEELS.

(A specific scene: Kurt and Blaine on a pier at sunset.

Kurt: You’re so quiet and calm now. It’s like you’re the same person you’ve always been, but you’ve grown up. You aren’t this crazy little ball of emotions anymore.

Blaine: (laughs uncomfortably) I guess that means the medicine is working, huh?

Kurt: 0_o ???

Blaine: (takes Kurt’s hand and squeezes it gently) You know how in New York you used to call me crazy and say that I was acting like a psycho?

Kurt: …Yes?

Blaine: You weren’t wrong. )

and Kurt getting irrationally jealous over Blaine’s relationship with his ex the med student who he’s like LEGIT FRIENDS with, and it bothers him that Blaine keeps introducing him as “ex-fiance” because that doesn’t seem to describe their relationship at all and Kurt has all the feels!

(Also Sam and Mercedes elope WHOOPS)